Two arrested for trying to travel on fake passport

Two arrested for trying to travel on fake passport

Two arrested for trying to travel on a how to get a fake passport

How to get a fake passport: Two persons, including a woman, where can I buy a fake passport. Furthermore, Have been arrested at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Here for allegedly trying to travel using a fake passport and visa.

A staff member of a ground handling company is also About Us under the scanner for helping the accused.

The surveillance team of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) at the airport had received information that a Swiss airline had offloaded two passengers from boarding gate no. 08 for traveling on a fake passport and visa, said a senior officer.

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Fraud comes to light

“Both went to Terminal 3 posing a couple traveling to Zurich by and onward to Toronto via Montreal. On checking their documents, the EU’s passport fraud ‘epidemic’ airline staff found a mismatch between the dates of birth of the passengers.

Where can I buy a fake passport, Purohit Kanubhai Shantilal, and Purohit Chandrika Kanubhai— provided on their passports? The airline alerted the airline liaison officer, USA Student Visa who declared their visas and passports fake,” said the officer.

Subsequently, How to Travelling With Counterfeit Passports the CISF intercepted the passengers. Fake documents are no longer the significant cause

“During interrogation, the passengers said the documents had been provided to them by an agent, Novelty Passports Ramesh Bhai. They came to Delhi by bus with him from Ahmedabad. They assure of employment in Canada. And, they were told to pose as a couple,” said the officer.

The staff member in the dock

Officers further said the passengers had issue boarding passes using the login ID of a staff member named Nitesh.

However, where can I buy a fake passport when the CISF checks the details, it was found that he was off duty.

“On scanning a CCTV footage, it was revealed that another staff, Canadian Passport Arshad Ali, had used Nitesh password to generate boarding passes for the passengers. Both the passengers did not report at the check-in counter. Furthermore, And the boarding pass is then handed over to them by Ali in a washroom,” said the officer.

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