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About Us

Buy Passport, ID Cards, Visa, Drivers License, Buy Fake Passport Online

Buy Passports, ID Cards, Visa, Drivers License and More

Did you know that you can now legally purchase a passport and receive citizenship of another country other than your own? Are you aware that tens of thousands of people do just that each year, and the number is growing? No matter your place of birth or residence, you can legally claim citizenship and be a passport holder to another country and if need be on another continent – to that of your own.

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Passports, ID Cards, Visa, Drivers License and More

We produce, process and sell real and fake personal documents that you can use to work and travel anywhere in the world. Rest assured that if you order a real document, it will be 100% valid and registered in the government database according to all the requirements. As for fake documents, they are practically indistinguishable from the original and can also be used to work and travel but at your own risk. So we strongly recommend all of our clients to buy real documents in order to avoid possible legal complications. At Novelty Documentation you can find anything you need from social security cards and birth certificates to college degrees and marriage certificates. Click here to see the full list of documents we can provide.

Visa-Free Travel

Acquiring a visa consequently taking out a travel visa that must be rigidly adhered due to embassy rules to make you feel like a second class citizen? Would you like to legally own a passport that made visas a thing of the past? much as you can still get a visa from us.

It is especially relevant While Certain passports enable one to travel visa-free from country to country unrestricted. For example, a European passport enables the owner to visit 26 European countries unhindered as a result of the 1985 Schengen agreement probably. More importantly, European passport holders are free to live and work in any European country they choose indefinitely. Does your current passport afford you such luxuries? seems like, maybe or probably, almost Noo ? Contact us to buy registered passport and Id cards

Most of all Obtaining a second passport and dual citizenship online could not be easier. We help our clients become passport holders and obtain citizenship and residency of a second country via the Citizenship-by-Investment Program (CIP) and the Immigrant Investor Programed (IIP) for residencies in Europe as a result. To begin the process, simply go to the contact us homepage, scroll down and take a look at the packages on display in conclusion.