Counterfeiting Passport

#1 Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is the complete reproduction of the document.

Counterfeiting a passport can involve this:

  • Using substitute materials to imitate original documents (paper, polycarbonate)
  • Scanning a valid certificate passport for modification using computer software
  • Reproduction of background and logos using alternative printing technologies
  • Final lamination using commercial laminates
  • Re-creating the document using computer software
  • Using original material that may be commercially available

How To prevent the creation of fake passports online, the key is to design a quality passport that is very difficult to copy, produce and personalize.

Fortunately, this can be achieved by multiplying effects:  combining tactile and optical features, different technologies, and using material and inks not available in the public domain within a complex design.

For example.

A specific color mix and excellent details that are hard to scan and print without high-end professional equipment.

Passport security features


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