How fake passport can change your life

British Passport European Union, Canadian passports Fake Passport, Finally, Over and over again, Canadian passports, investigators examining the Al Qaeda terrorist network point to a common thread, how to get a EU passport. Furthermore, the ease with which many in the network travel the world using fake passports or illegally obtained immigration documents. Ahmed Ressam, the focus of this FRONTLINE […]

Fake documents are no longer the significant cause

How Much Does a Fake Passport Cost Fake documents are no longer the significant cause for concern for passport-issuing authorities can I travel with a fake passport. Original documents such as Aadhaar and PAN card, submitted by applicants who later turn out to have provided false information, counterfeit passports that work, are proving to be the real challenge. Around two […]

Secure Passport – The 7 keys

Secure Passport – The 7 keys So much for the theory – What is a good passport design? And how is it achieved? Here’s our seven-step guide to success. #1 Combine and connect all the elements into a single strong document Why does this matter? It means that the document cannot be split apart, manipulated or the information tampered with, […]

The forged passport

#2 Alteration Alteration is where fraudsters try to change the data in a genuine document. Typically this includes: Photo alteration or substitution Alteration of the biographical data, in the visual or machine readable zone (MRZ) Deletion of entries on visa/observations pages Mechanical and chemical erasure of biographical information Delaminating attacks Passport Alteration of the personalization data on the data page. […]

Counterfeiting Passport

#1 Counterfeiting Counterfeiting is the complete reproduction of the document. Counterfeiting a passport can involve this: Using substitute materials to imitate original documents (paper, polycarbonate) Scanning a valid certificate passport for modification using computer software Reproduction of background and logos using alternative printing technologies Final lamination using commercial laminates Re-creating the document using computer software Using original material that may […]